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Bibimbap is a traditional Korean dish that is eaten with various vegetables and soy sauce in rice, and today, meat is also preferred. It is a food that has been eaten nationwide since before modern times, and among them, Jeonju Bibimbap in Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, is the most famous.

About Bibimbap

In fact, since the bibimbap cooking method is not set, it is very simple and easy to make and eat if you add any food ingredients at home and mix them with a little of red pepper paste and sesame oil. 


In order to make it properly, you should consider the taste combination of the ingredients in bibimbap, trim various ingredients to the same size, season them with soy sauce and salt according to the characteristics of the ingredients, cool them, and put them in. In addition, you have to make seasoned red pepper paste separately, and it takes a lot of work to make it pretty.

Is Korean Bibimbap good for your health?

Bibimbap is naturally a traditional Korean food with rice and colorful vegetables with meat, fish, eggs, or tofu, which is very healthy. It provides you with low-calorie foods high in fiber, carbohydrates, and protein.

Bibimbap Simple Recipe

There are numerous recipes that have a unique name for bibimbap but taste completely different. This is similar to a sandwich.

Main vegetable ingredients: bean sprouts, cucumbers, bracken, carrots, mushrooms, onions, radish (raw vegetables), bellflower, spinach, etc.

Sauce: red pepper paste, sesame oil, stir-fried red chili paste, soy sauce


How to make it?

Open the refrigerator and take out side dishes including laver.

Scoop the rice and place it in a large bowl.

Place all the side dishes on a bowl of rice.

Add red pepper paste and sesame oil little by little. 

Stir-fried red pepper paste with red pepper paste while stir-frying beef further upgrades the taste of bibim balm.

Add a fried egg to your taste.

Delicious bibimbap is made.


Jeongju Bibimbap

Jeonju bibimbap is one of the most popular dishes in Korea and around the world. It is usually topped with quality Jeonju soy bean sprouts, hwangpo-muk, gochujang, jeopjang, and seasoned raw beef and served with kongnamul-gukbap.

Jeonju Bibimbap is probably the most famous and loved food in Jeonju. If you like food after vacation in Korea, it would be good to visit Jeonju and experience the origin of Jeonju bibimbap. Last summer, I visited an old bibimbap restaurant in Jeonju.

GoGung Bibimbap Restaurant

If you want to try bibimbap for the first time in Jeonju, it is also good to visit a traditional Korean restaurant called "Gogung." There are many bibimbap restaurants everywhere in downtown Jeonju, but this is one of the most famous bibimbap restaurants. 

Gogung is a famous restaurant where you eat bibimbap in Jeonju. This bibimbap restaurant, the most famous in Jeonju, is served with all the sincerity and atmosphere you can expect. It is easily the most famous restaurant in the city and was established in 1996 and succeeded to the Gogung restaurant established in 1966. 

The Gogung was so successful that it opened another restaurant in Myeong-dong, Seoul in 1999 and has been opening other branches since then. If you want to taste Jeonju Bibimbap in Seoul, you can find the same restaurant in Myeong-dong, Seoul.

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