Deoksugung Palace

Deoksugung Palace began with the fact that when King Seonjo, who fled to Uiju after the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592, returned to Hanyang, the Wolsan Daegun's mansion and several surrounding private houses were combined as "Sierso" and used as 

Hello Deoksugung

Deoksugung Palace is one of the five remaining palaces in Seoul. Built mainly in the late 20th century, Deoksugung Palace is the smallest palace in Seoul. The name Deoksugung Palace means "the palace of virtue and longevity" in the hope of Emperor Gojong's longevity.


About Deoksugung Palace

Located at the corner of Seoul's busiest downtown intersection, Deoksugung Palace is famous for its elegant stonewalling. It is also the only palace located alongside Western-style buildings, adding to the uniqueness of the surrounding landscape.

Deoksugung Palace is actually two palaces within one traditional complex blessed with various examples of palace architecture in the late Joseon Dynasty, and is a Western-style palace complex with two imposing neoclassical structures and Korea's first Western-style garden.

Haenggung (Jeongneung-dong Haenggung). After King Gwanghaegun ascended the throne, he moved to Changdeokgung Palace and used the name Gyeongungung Palace. 

The history of Deoksugung Palace

Deoksugung Palace, which has the appearance of a palace, has been reduced after King Injo ascended the throne, the rest except for Jodang and Seokgeodang were returned to the original owner. As a result, Deoksugung Palace could no longer function as a palace where the king officially stayed and worked on state affairs.

After the Eulmi Incident in 1895, Deoksugung Palace reappeared in history. Feeling threatened by the Eulmi Incident, King Gojong moved to the Russian legation and returned to Deoksugung Palace in February 1897. In addition, after the proclamation of the Emperor's Kingdom of the Korean Empire, it became large and formal as an imperial palace. However, after the Great Fire of Deoksugung Palace in 1904 and King Gojong's forced abdication in 1907, Deoksugung Palace was greatly reduced in size. At this time, the name was also changed from Gyeongung Palace to Deoksugung Palace.

Ticket and admission time

General Admission

Adult(age 19~64) ₩ 1,000

Opening Hours

9:00AM ~ 9:00PM (Last Admission 8:00PM)


Every Monday

The day of recess

Every Monday

※ Depending on the institution's situation, the viewing time may be shortened and adjusted.


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