Donghaksa Temple in Gyeryongsan Mountain, GongJu

Donghaksa Temple in Gyeryongsan Mountain, a famous spring and summer outing

Donghaksa Temple was founded during the reign of King Seongdeok of Silla and is famous for Buddhist Gangwon of Bikkuni. It is said that during the Silla Dynasty, Sangwonjosa built a hermitage and passed away, and built a brother-sister tower (Treasure No. 1284, 1285) there. 


At that time, the temple was named Cheongnyangsa Temple because it was called Doryang where the Bodhisattva Munsu came down, but now only the temple site remains and Sangwonam Hermitage is located. 

Donggyesa Temple was built and the temple was expanded to celebrate the first marriage between the founder of Silla and the loyalist of Silla, and the name of the temple became the current Donghaksa Temple.

In Donghaksa Temple, it serves as an opportunity to look back on our history at Samseongak Pavilion, which honors Goryeo loyalists, King Danjong, and his aunt's tablets. 

There is a course to climb from three temples in Gyeryongsan Mountain to a temple, and there is a way to climb the ridge from the peak of each temple in Binkyesan Mountain from Geumsubong Peak, the stem of Gyeryongsan Mountain.



About Donghaksa Temple

Donghaksa Temple is located in Hakbong-ri, Banpo-myeon, about 25km from Gongju and 8km from Daejeon. Donghaksa Temple, a thousand-year-old ancient temple surrounded by the eastern valley of Gyeryongsan Mountain, is the oldest Buddhist nun Gangwon (aka Seungga University) in Korea, and is a historic temple where more than 150 Buddhist nuns are devoted to the Buddha's missionary work. In addition, Donghaksa Temple is famous as a place where many Daegangbaek were produced because of Munpilbong Peak, and the sound of Buddhist monks reading the scriptures harmonizes with the sound of water flowing in the clear valley, adding its purity to the quiet mountain temple. There are many things to see around and transportation is convenient, so the largest number of tourists visit Gyeryongsan Mountain. In particular, the street trees about 3km from Park Jeong-ja Three-way Intersection to Donghaksa Temple are made of cherry trees, and the cherry blossom tunnel is spectacular in spring. The Donghaksa Spring Flower Festival has been held every year since 1993.




In April, when cherry blossoms bloom every year, it is crowded with springtime visitors from all over the country, regardless of night and day, even if there is no festival. 

The cherry blossoms blooming under the famous mountain are difficult to meet the flowering time, perhaps because of the mountainous mountains, but the flowers blooming from the old trees are spectacular.

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