Gomtang, Have you ever tried a Traditional Korean Food?

Have you ever tried gomtang, a traditional dish, in Korea? Gomtang is the generic name for soup made with various cuts of beef and ox-bones. Gomtang is Korea's representative soup dish. Of course, seolleongtang plays a role, but I often crave hot Gomtang. Bibimbap is the best meal, but Gomtang, which is eaten with soup as we age, is welcomed in our diet.


Gomtang, Korean Food

Not to mention that gomtang is delicious and nutritious, it is one of the foods that can boost your energy and strengthen your stamina.

What's Gomtang?

Gomgtang(곰탕) is a traditional Korean dish. Korean dish. To make the dish, you have to put various parts of the beef in a large pot and boil them for many hours with water. It does not require fancy cooking. But when boiling various parts of the beef for more than 10 hours, the deep taste and nutrition from the meat will add to the flavor of the soup. It does not taste unique because it is not sweet, salty, sour, bitter or spicy. However, it creates a rich, pure taste of beef.

5 delicious gomtang restaurants in Seoul

Depending on your taste, there may be people who like gomtang with clear soup, and there may be people who like the strong taste. So it's hard to say which restaurant tastes the best, but if you go to a place that you like, that place is a good gomtang restaurant. But The delicious Gomtang restaurant in Seoul introduced here is still quite famous.


Hadonggwan (Myeongdong, Jung-gu)

It is a famous gomtang restaurant with a tradition of more than 70 years in Seoul. It is a place that many diners visit because it has a consistent taste of gomtang using only Korean beef. Hadonggwan is so famous that they sometimes line up during lunch time. If you eat to Hadonggwan's gomtang, you will continue to come again there. It may be a little addictive. The restaurant is open from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Hadonggwan cannot use the same name in restaurants other than Hadonggwan's main branch or Yeouido branch.

Hadonggwan Gomtang Price: 15,000 won with basic Gomtang. Special Gomtang costs 18,000 won.

Young Chun-og (Jongro-gu)

It is a really old restaurant that opened in 1942. Cabbage kimchi and radish kimchi are also said to be delicious, and Kim Doo-hwan, who used to use his fist in Jongno in the past, also enjoyed the restaurant. It is close to Jongno 3-ga Station and if you walk a little after exiting Exit 2-1 of Station, you will find Yeongchunok with the appearance of an old-fashioned restaurant. Yeongchunok Gomtang is characterized by boiling huge green onions together to catch the smell of meat. So if you order Gomtang, you can also taste ripe long green onions. It is a popular restaurant even for the elderly.

Young Chun-og Gomtang Price: 25,000 won for Gomtang, 11,000 won for Gomtang

Buminok (Eulji-ro, Da-dong, Jung-gu)

It features the restaurant's red exterior. Buminok, which has been making gomtang restaurant since 1956, is a lamb gomtang restaurant that has been selected as a future heritage site in Seoul. It is known for being Euljiro's old fashioned food and is made using sheep, the first stomach in a cow's stomach. It features a soft texture of beef and glass noodles with a milky soup filling. The rich and soft soup is also excellent. It is characterized by its very light taste, and if you dip the amount in soy sauce, it will taste great. 

Buminok Gomtang Price: 11,000 won

Iyeo Gomtang (Samseong-dong, Gangnam)

There is Iyeo Gomtang in Seocho-dong and it is also in Magok-dong, Gangseo-gu. It's good to have a glass of soju with a very clear Gomtang broth. It has plenty of green onions, so it gives you a cool feeling. The Gomtang soup is not hot, so you can eat it right away. Iyeo Gomtang restaurant also has a cool cold Gomtang sold only in summer. Iyeo Gomtang has its headquarters, and there are Seoul Station, Yongsan, Yeoksam, and Magok stores.

These days, there are many places where kimchi jjigae is paid 8,000 to 10,000 won, and if a bowl of gomtang with good meat is 10,000 won, I would rather choose gomtang.

Lyeo Gomtang Price: 10,000 won

Ok Dong-sik (Okdongsik Seogyo Mapo)

Many gomtang restaurants use beef as their base, while Okdongsik uses pork. Okdongsik is a good pork gomtang restaurant. Being selected as a Michelin Guide Seoul for six consecutive years since 2018, it seems like an objective assessment that something is delicious. The taste of sliced pork and clean soup without smell is excellent. It is characterized by pouring pork broth over rice and putting boiled pork and chives on top.

On December 13, 2023, the New York Times in the U.S. announced the eight best dishes among the representative menus of New York-area restaurants, including pork soup from Korean restaurant Okdongsik along with pasta and tsukemen (Japanese ramen). The New York Times selected it based on its own standards, and this is because it became famous when it opened an Okdongsik branch in Manhattan, New York, in November last year.

Okdongji Pork Gomtang Price: Pork Gomtang (normal) 10,000 won, Pork Gomtang (special) 15,000 won

Okdongsik (NewYork)


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