Goryeosan Azalea Festival

Goryeo Mountain in Ganghwa Island is filled with waves of light pink in the middle of April, which passes from spring to summer every year. Goryeo Mountain embroidery the world with deep pink towards the end of spring, including azaleas and azaleas. Azaleas that bloomed finely on a warm spring day after a cold winter are coloring the sky and sky of Goryeo Mountain in deep pink.

Goryeosan Mt. azalea blooms a lot of light pink flowers. It is also Goryeo Mountain that is the last place in the country where azaleas bloom because they are above the fifth ridge in height. Goryeo's azalea colony has become so famous that many people visit it now. Goryeo Mountain has a unique place name and interesting legend.


Goryeosan Azalea Festival

When spring comes, light pink waves hit the top of Goryeo Mountain along the winding ridge. The scenery of azaleas and azaleas blooming in order is amazing. The world is covered with colorful colors all over Goryeo Mountain in dark pink or light pink.

About Goryeosan Azalea

Azalea is a representative plant that signifies spring with forsythias in Korea. In spring, flowers are so prevalent that they can be seen everywhere in the mountains like the forsythia, which is also friendly.

Every year, azaleas are in full bloom and azaleas bloom, so many people visiting the Goryeo-san azalea colony to see a wonderful pink feast.

This year's 2024 Goryeo Azalea Festival is already over. The Goryeo Azalea Festival lasted for nine days from April 6 (Sat) to 14. (Sun), 2024. But if you visit now, you can just see the last of the azaleas. There are so many people during the azalea flower festival that it may be good to come before the festival begins or after it just ends to get a good look at the actual azalea flowers.


The legend of Mt. Goryeosan

Mt. Goryeosan is located in Hajeom-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon. It is also said that Yeongaesomun, a Goguryeo general, was born as a legend of Goryeo Mountain. Ganghwa Island can be seen as a very important strategic point in the Three Kingdoms period a long time ago. Perhaps the legend that Yeongaesomun was born in Mt. Goryeo was trying to give people a lot of mystery back then.

In terms of Goguryeo kingdom's location, the legend that Yeongaesomun was born here is interesting because it must have been near the southern end of Baekje kingdom. 

For reference, there is a monument engraved with the site of Yeongaesomun in Daemakji, Goguryeo, in front of the Jiseokmyo Shrine near Goryeo Mountain, so it's a good idea to enjoy the azaleas of Goryeosan Mountain and visit Dolmen Park if you have time.


Goryeo Mountain was Oryeon Mountain

Goryeo Mountain includes Jeokseoksa Temple, Baekryeonsa Temple, and Cheongryeonsa Temple temples. It also has a long history attraction, including a dolmen colony, Goguryeo Saturn, Oryeonji, and temple history. 

Another name of Goryeo Mountain is 'Oryeon Mountain'. 

Oryeonsan Mountain is named after using a lotus flower(蓮) ruler. According to legend, during the Three Kingdoms Period, Cheonchukjosa who was very famous monk chose five different colored lotus flowers blooming in a pond and flew them into a Buddhist core. 

Each of the five temples was built where the lotus fell. The temples that were established at that time were Cheongryeonsa Temple on the east side of Mt. Goryeo, Jeokryeonsa Temple on the south side, Hwangryeonsa Temple in the middle, Baekryeonsa Temple on the west side, and Heukryeonsa Temple on the north side. However, only three out of the five temples maintain their status.


The road to the Goryeo Mountain Colony 

The road to the Goryeo Mountain Colony consists of a deck road and stairs.

It looks good because it seems to be easy for the elderly and children to get there. But having too many stairs is a little bit of a trap. And it's a shame that there are no benches or rest areas to relax in the middle of the deck to the top of Mt. Goryeo. It can be a little embarrassing to come here on a day when the sun is shining. It's not easy, either, as you just have to walk along an endless stretch of deck roads.

On the way, you will be intoxicated by the pink waves that unfold countless times. Take pictures while walking and lean on the railing to take a rest.


Looking at the colony of azalea flowers from Goryeo Mountain

If you keep going up the deck road while looking at the colony of azalea flowers from Goryeo Mountain, you will finally reach the top. However, when I tried to look down from the top, I took the restriction. Perhaps, they blocked it because they thought an accident would occur if many people flocked to the observatory.

I went to the observation deck and tried to see the landscape of the azalea flower colony below, but they are not allowed to enter, so I stand far from behind and just look at the landscape. So looking around on the mountain gives me another pleasure.

The view overlooking from the cool open Goryeo Mountain is quite beautiful and interesting.


Goryeo Mountain Hiking Course - Goryeo Mountain Azalea Colony 

How to get to there?

You have to go to the top of Goryeo Mountain to meet the light pink waves on the ridge. On the way to the top of Goryeo Mountain, it looks like a light pink carpet from a distance. Anyway, you have to go to the top of Goryeo Mountain to enjoy the spectacular view of azalea flowers.


Goryeo Mountain Climbing Course

Course 1:: Baekryeonsa temple - How to get to Azalea Colony.

➡ Total extension of the ️: 3.7 km, and the time required is about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Dolmen Square [2.1km:48 minutes]> Baekryeonsa Temple [0.9km:18 minutes]> Goryeo Mountain Peak [0.7km:14 minutes]> Azalea Colony

Course 2:: Cheongryonsa - on the way to the azalea colony.

➡ Total extension of the ️: 2.9 km, and the time required is approximately 1 hour away.

Gukhwari Village Hall [0.5 km:12 mins]> Cheongryeonsa Temple [1.7 km:34 mins]> Goryeo Mountain Peak [0.7 km:14 mins]> Azalea Village

Course 3:: Govigogae - How to get to the azalea colony.

➡  Total extension: 2.4 kilometers, 1 hour. You can arrive relatively faster than other roads.

Gobi Pass [1.7km:34 minutes]> Goryeo Mountain Peak [0.7km:14 minutes]> Azalea Colony

Course 4:: Jeokseoksa Temple - On the way to the Azalea colony.

➡ Total extension of the ️: 5.2 km, and it takes 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Gocheon-ri Village Hall [2.3km:46 minutes]> Jeokseoksa Temple [0.3km:6 minutes]> Nakjobong Peak [1.4km:28 minutes]> Dolmen County [1.2km:24 minutes]> Azalea Village Site

Course 5:: Migguji gogae - On my way to Azalea Colony.

➡ Total extension of the ️: 5.8 km, and the time required is about 2 hours.

Migguji gogae [3.2km:64 minutes]> Nakjobong Peak [1.4km:28 minutes]> Dolmen-gun [1.2km:24 minutes]> Azalea Colony

Recommend a course

Depending on one's personal preference and physical conditions, one can choose different trails. However, generally, the most preferred trail is 1course. In a way, it is the most common hiking trail in Mt. Goryeo, but you can also see the azalea ridge you see in the middle. 

I went to the mountain to see the flowers, but it is better to hike while watching the azalea scenery rather than rushing to the top in a short distance. Therefore, I recommend the first trail of Goryeo Mountain, which starts from Baekryeonsa Temple.


How to get there by public transportation to Goryeo Mountain

Going to the Goryeo Mountain Azalea Festival can take a long time because you have to travel only by bus if you use public transportation, not by car.

If you in Seoul, you have to take a bus from Sinchon, Yeongdeungpo, or Songjeong Station to Ganghwa Terminal. But it takes some time.


Take a Bus

Take a bus from Sinchon, Seoul to the end of Ganghwa Terminal. The bus number is 3000. If you take the subway, you can get off at Songjeong Station on Line 5 and take a bus to Ganghwa Island Terminal. The bus numbers are 3000 and 88.

When you arrive at Ganghwa Bus Terminal, transfer to a local bus. You can choose the bus according to the hiking course you want. If you want to take the Baeknyeonsa course, take a bus from the Ganghwa terminal and get off at the Ganghwa History Museum. Then, you walk to the Baekryeonsa Temple.


course 1

18, 23, 23A,

25, 27, 30, 32

(Bus Number)




33, 34

(Bus Number)




course 2

14, 15,

39, 39A,49, 62

(Bus Number)




course 3

39, 39A, 49, 62

(Bus Number)



course 4

39, 39A, 49,62

(Bus Number)



 Migguji gogae

course 5


(Bus Number)



I came to Goryeo Mountain in Ganghwa Island to see the azalea flowers in full bloom, but I think this place will be nice even if it comes in autumn later. There is also Baeknyeonsa Temple and there are many things to look around Ganghwado Island. If you are going on a trip to Ganghwado Island, Goryeo Mountain is a place worth visiting. 






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