Spring in the Seonyudo Park

If you visit Seoul now, there is a park you must visit. 

It is Seonyudo Park.

Seonyudo Park is located in Seoul as Korea's first water-themed ecological park. The park is now a resting place for many Seoul citizens because its old water purification plant has been renewed. Visitors can observe the aquatic plant garden and ecological forests. Seonyudo Park also hosts various experience programs and exhibitions from time to time.

A beautiful magnolia blooming in Seonyudo Park attracts attention.

Sunyudo Park

Seonyudo Park


"From an abandoned water purification plant to an eco-friendly ecological park"

Seonyudo Island, a small island located in the center of the Han River, has a beautiful scenery and has long been loved by artists and silent visitors. However, Seonyubong Peak disappeared through Japanese colonial era and was used as a water purification plant to supply tap water to the southwestern part of Seoul from 1978 to 2000. In April 2002, it was recreated as an eco-friendly ecological park offering a variety of attractions and entertainment.


Why, is Seonyudo Park worth to visit in spring?

Seonyudo Park is a place to see all four seasons and is welcome to visit anytime. But it is especially good to visit in spring.

Many kinds of forests and plants are growing in Seonyudo Park. Especially in spring, cherry blossoms and royal azaleas bloom a lot. So many people visit here in spring.

Seonyudo Park is now full of spring energy. In the weeping cherry blossom trees scattered in the spring breeze, cherry blossom rain in full bloom welcomes citizens who have come out. In addition to this, fresh buds bloom on every branch of the dense tree, and flowers planted everywhere show off their colorful lights. Laughter bloomed on the faces of citizens who went out with their family, lovers, and friends.

Seonyudo Park in Pictures

Seonyudo Park offers an open view. That's why you can see Yeouido in the distance at a glance.

Sunyudo Park

Sunyudo Park

Sunyudo Park

Sunyudo Park

In spring, many flowers begin to bloom at Seonyudo Park. Now, magnolia and cherry blossoms are in full bloom the most. Flowers that seem to cover the sky tell us that spring has come. Imagine walking among so many flower trees. It's cool to think about.

Sunyudo Park

Sunyudo Park

Seonyudo Park is located in the middle of the Han River. So, you can see the Han River, which is the symbol of Seoul, right here. And Yeouido is also in the middle of the Han River, so you can see the wonderful city scenery from afar.


Inside Seonyudo Park is a small pavilion built in the old Korean style. We call it 'Seonyujeong.' You can sit and relax in the park. Sometimes people read books here and stay for a long time. Many people stop visiting here while feeling the cool breeze from the Han River.

It is also good to go to a certain destination while traveling. However, if there is a place to rest, taking a rest there is another beauty of the trip.



How to get to Seonyudo Park

Address : 343, Seonyu-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea (Dangsan-dong, Seonyudo Park)  

Transportation : Subway Line 9, Seonyudo Station, Exit 2 (700 m on foot)

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