Buan Naesosa Temple

People who are busy in their daily lives desperately want a break. Modern people want to take a break, but they can't. Still, why don't you stay in the deep mountain temple forest, look back on yourself, and feel relaxed with the forest, even if it's just sometimes?

I went to the Naesosa temple in Buan, North Jeolla Province last week. At the beginning of spring, this temple is good for walking and a place that gives time to think a lot about myself. A temple is a healing point that relaxes people.


Naesosa Temple

Introduce one of the famous temples in Korea. 
Naesosa Temple is a temple that is over 1,000 years old.


How old is Naesosa Temple?

Naesosa Temple was built by Monk Hyegu in 633 during the Baekje period and rebuilt by Monk Cheongmin in 1633 during the Joseon Dynasty. Daeungjeon Hall was built during this time. In 1986, the temple area was designated as a cultural reserve.



A history about the temple in Naesosa(來蘇寺)

Neungga Mountain, which houses Naesosa Temple, has beautiful rocks as if they were decorated with jewels, and the traces of the old monks such as Wonhyo, Uisang, and Jinpyo stay are evident. Naesosa Temple is a temple built by Hyegu Dutasa during the reign of King Mu of Baekje, and it was originally called Sorae(蘇來)Temple, but Sorae means "when you come here, you will be revived." 

What do you want to resuscitate? 

In "Neunggagyeong", Sorae Temple was called in the sense of "a place to revive the lost mind", but it was fixed as Nae Sosa after the 18th century.



Something to see in the temple of Naesosa Temple

From entering Iljumun, the fir forest stands as if it were soaring in the sky, so it is refreshing. Here When you listen to the sound of birds and wind, your anguish disappears and you fall into the joy of the forest. 


On both sides of the main gate are large fir trees, which also hang along the path to the temple. 

The first thing that catches the eye upon arrival at the temple is the 1,000-year-old Dangsan tree. When you stand in the spacious yard in front of Bongnae-ru after passing Cheonwangmun Gate, Mt. Neungga glows white, and the thousand-year-old Dangsan tree is spiritual. Every year during the Lunar New Year's Day, there is a Dangsan ritual at Naeso Temple to pray for the well-being and blessings of the village, so you can realize the inclusiveness of Buddhism that cares for our own folklore.

It is a bronze bell that can be found in many Buddhist temples in Beomjonggak. The special bell was made during the Goryeo Dynasty and has three images of Buddha called the Triad of Buddha carved into it. The main building of the temple, called Daeungjeon Hall, is also an artistic masterpiece decorated with colorful colors and designs. Featuring lotus flowers and chrysanthemum flowers, Salmun adds another element of traditional beauty to the building.

Spring in the Nasosa Temple

Spring has come to Naesosa Temple. Cornus officinalis flowers and red plum blossoms are in full bloom. Spring is more meaningful in Sansa Temple.



How to get to there, Naesosa Temple

Address : 243, Naesosa-ro, Buan-gun, Jeollabuk-do

전북특별자치도 부안군 진서면 내소사로 243


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