Cosmos are in full bloom everywhere! Cosmos flower story

I thought cosmos flowers were in full bloom now, but they have waned a lot. Cosmos flowers have withered a lot, but there are still cosmos that bloom late and it's worth seeing. Let's take a look at the beautiful cosmos pictures of autumn and have the changing feeling of the season together. 


I always go to take cosmos pictures in early October. All the cosmos photos shown in this article were taken at Incheon International Airport yesterday

Csomos Flowers in the Autumn

Cosmos flowers are a representative symbol of fall. Autumn always reminds us of cosmos flowers and they give us a lot of thoughts.

The cosmos flower (Cosmos bipinnatus) is known for its vibrant and colorful appearance, and it carries various symbolic meanings, although these meanings can vary somewhat depending on cultural and personal interpretations. Some common symbolic meanings associated with cosmos flowers include:


Why are cosmos flowers so special?

Cosmos flowers are often seen as symbols of peace and tranquility. Their delicate appearance and soft colors can evoke feelings of calmness and serenity.

The symmetry of cosmos flowers, with their evenly spaced petals and well-organized appearance, can symbolize order and balance in life.

In some cultures, cosmos flowers are associated with love and attraction. They can be given as tokens of affection to express feelings of love and admiration.

Cosmos flowers are admired for their beauty and aesthetic appeal. They symbolize appreciation for the beauty in the world and can be used to express admiration for someone's physical appearance or inner qualities.



Due to their vibrant colors and playful appearance, cosmos flowers can also symbolize a sense of whimsy and playfulness. They are often used in gardens and floral arrangements to add a cheerful touch.

In some contexts, cosmos flowers may symbolize constancy and fidelity in relationships, suggesting a commitment to love and loyalty.

Spiritual Growth: In certain spiritual beliefs, cosmos flowers are associated with spiritual growth and enlightenment. Their upward-reaching stems and delicate petals can represent the journey toward higher consciousness.

Joy and Celebration: Cosmos flowers are frequently used in celebrations and festive occasions. They symbolize joy, happiness, and the beauty of life.

It's important to note that the symbolic meanings of flowers can vary across different cultures and time periods. Additionally, personal interpretations of flower symbolism can be highly subjective. Therefore, while these are common symbolic meanings associated with cosmos flowers, their significance may differ depending on individual perspectives and cultural contexts.


Stories about Cosmos flowers

1. Cosmos legend, there was too much practice of God for making flowers.

Legend has it that Cosmos was made by the god of flowers for practice before making many flowers. Maybe that's why cosmos is weak in stems and branches, and there are more kinds due to many experiments.


2. A poor girl becomes a cosmos flower.

On a hill in a village in Europe, a girl who was pretty like a flower and had a nicer heart than a flower lived with her sick father. Over the hill where the girl lives, there's a hut of a young woodcutter named Yoshimi. The two sometimes spent a happy time sitting side by side on the hill, looking at the blue sky, whispering love.

There was a stout hunter called Gaston living on a busy hillside where the girl's house was. He was a very arrogant man. Thinking that he could get any woman, he forced the girl to marry when her father died.

But the girl couldn't marry someone she didn't even love. This vulnerable girl, who was very sad, quickly turned into a pitiful pink flower to protect her fidelity. Yoshimi, a woodcutter who loved the girl very much, followed her and turned into a white flower. Cosmos is the flower that the two of them have changed into.

cosmos-flowers cosmos-flowers

cosmos-flowers cosmos-flowers

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