Til Death Do Us Part! Mors sola, Kiss before egg fry

Just like the saying that love is the most beautiful thing in the world, there are countless ways to express it. A delicate and profound expression of love may better express your feelings.

Love your loved one until the day you die, but love one more day...

Sharing pain with joy when difficulties come…

Rather than burning in an instant, the subtle warmth continues…

That's the true love of a couple.


Til Death Do Us Part! Mors sola  

In the Middle Ages, King Eric of Poland imprisoned the Duke of Vassar in an underground prison for treason. Vassa's wife, Katarina, who was shocked by her husband's life sentence. She went to the king and begged him.

"Your Majesty, I am in the same body as my husband, so please let me serve my sentence with him."

The king refused, stopping his wife.

"Vasa is a great sinner, so now he is neither a duke nor anything.

Now, don't dwell on marital relationships and live a new life."

But Katarina said emphatically.

"I can handle it."

And he took the ring out of his finger and showed it to the king.

The ring said "Mors Sola," which meant "Until Death Divides."

"Your Majesty, I believe that whatever happens I want to keep this promise."

Eventually, Katarina ended up in a painful prison sentence with her husband for 17 years. They were released after King Eric died. If Eric had lived longer, perhaps they would have spent time in prison together until death divided them.


Today's wise words

* "Love is not to be seen with the eyes, but with the heart." by William Shakespeare.

* Til death do us apart

* You are as beautiful as a star in the sky.

* Thoughts of you make me smile.

* You're always on my mind.

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