Gongseri Catholic Church

Catholicism has a significant presence in South Korea, with many beautiful and historic churches throughout the country. There are many Catholic churches in Korea, but I will introduce you to a historically famous church today.


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About Gongseri Catholic Church

Out of all the many Catholic churches I have visited in Korea, the Gongseri Catholic shrine in Asan, South Chungcheong Province, is most inspiring. Nestled on a hill, Gongseri Catholic Church overlooks the Asan Bay Breakwater running between Asan Bay and Pyeongtaek Lake. Along with the beautiful, exotic architecture, its romantic scenery surrounded by trees is also graced by a legally protected 330-year-old hackberry tree.

The Gongseri Catholic Church holds significant importance for the Catholic community in Asan and the surrounding region. It serves as a spiritual center and gathering place for Catholic worshipers, hosting regular masses, sacraments, and religious ceremonies.

The Gongseri Catholic Church has a rich history that dates back to the late 19th century. It was established during the late Joseon Dynasty when Catholicism began to spread in Korea. The current cathedral building was constructed in the early 20th century, replacing the original church that was destroyed during the Korean War.

Transcending faith, Gongseri Catholic Church is an absolute gem that deserves a visit. Irrespective of faith and philosophy, a great number of people continue to visit to enjoy the holy scenery which changes with the four seasons.



The Gongseri Catholic Church is located in the city of Asan in South Chungcheong Province, South Korea. Asan is situated in the central part of the country, between Seoul and Daejeon.


The Gongseri Catholic Church features a beautiful and distinctive architectural style. The cathedral displays a combination of Romanesque and Gothic influences, with its grand facade, pointed arches, and tall spires. The exterior is adorned with intricate detailing and sculptures, while the interior boasts a spacious nave with stained glass windows, ornate altars, and religious artwork.


Pilgrimage Site

The Gongseri Catholic Church is also known as a pilgrimage site. Many Catholic believers, both from within South Korea and abroad, visit the church to seek spiritual solace, offer prayers, and experience the peaceful ambiance of the cathedral.

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