One Snowy Day

 It's a snowy day. In winter, there are days when snow falls beautifully, and there are days when heavy snow causes people to feel a lot of inconvenience. Properly falling snow makes us show wonderful scenery of nature, but if it snows heavily, it is also a safety problem and a danger.

One Snowy Day

It's good to have everything appropriate, but if you go too far, it reminds me of the saying that it's not enough. This winter, too, there was heavy snow all over the world due to abnormal weather. The heavy snow caused a lot of damage, and unfortunately, people lost their lives. Nature, in a way, is close to humans and gives us a wonderful landscape, but on the other hand, it also creates scary and scary scenes.

The following picture shows the scenery of a park when it snows just as much as it looks. Properly piled snow was good for walking. If it snowed too much, it would be hard to walk.

The snow piled up on the white branches shows another natural landscape when viewed from a distance.


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