Catch the plane!

 Have you ever taken a picture of an airplane flying in the sky? Sometimes it's hard to take a picture because the plane passes so fast, and sometimes it's hard to take a picture because the plane floats very high. But if you pass close to the airport, you can see the plane floating low as it takes off and lands. It's a good time to take a picture of the plane right.

Catch the plane! 

I just took this picture while looking up at the sky. A plane passes through the sky. I was thinking about just taking a picture of an airplane, but I took a picture looks like an airplane in my hand. It is interesting to take fun pictures from time to time like this. Of course, it is important to capture the picture as it is always solemn, but sometimes it is good to take interesting pictures using the distance and feeling of the subject.


Is it will possible to take a shot catching an airplane with chopsticks?

It's a picture of an airplane not being able to get out of my hand. It's a picture that feels like the plane will be caught right away if I catch it with my hand. 

How do you sometimes take interesting pictures while taking pictures? 

It's easy to photograph a simple scene where an airplane just flies away. But it's kind of hard to take a picture of an airplane as if it's in your hand. The plane is already out of my hands to take a picture.

Raise my left hand high to the sky, hold the camera with my right hand, and press the shutter. When I hold the camera with one hand, my hand feel like shaking.

After took a picture of the plane in my hand, I imagine that next time, I'd like to take a another scene where I grab the plane with chopsticks.

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