Seoul Night Street View

Seoul Night Street View

This is the night street view of Seoul. This is the bus stop, but there are not many people because it's late at night. But the streets are very bright and safe. In Seoul, many people can travel safely even late at night. So it is not inconvenient to wait for a bus at a bus stop at a late hour. I just want my bus to come soon.

The streets of Seoul at night are bright and colorful. This is Magok-dong in Seoul, and it is not that bright at night compared to other places, but it is still bright.


Seoul night

I'm standing on the street

And I don't remember what I have been

I've been thinking all night and I can't remember

Stumbling and Walking

A Broken Night Light

Today, anywhere, with anyone

I think I can love you

I want to lose something

What once shines

When these stupid nights

The light keeps running away somewhere

Everything fills up at night

Buy me chocolate just for me, my darling

It's all only for me

Oh, Beautiful Seoul night

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