DDP like a Huge UFO

DDP, Dongdaemun Design Plaza

When I see a amazing building, I really want to take a picture. Whether it's a very old traditional building or a modern building, the building itself has a special feeling.

Seoul is a city where tradition and modernity harmonize with rapid development. If you go to any place in Seoul, you can meet very old buildings. However, if you go to a new place, you can also find the latest skyscrapers or amazing architectures. 



DDP like a Huge UFO

Since when do we only live in a square building? Maybe the stability of the square and the good conditions for building a building come first? Triangular buildings or circular structures are actually difficult to see.

Apart from the square shape, the DDP, which is made into an oval shape, marvels at visitors. How did come up with this kind of architecture?

Dongdaemun Design Plaza architecture has it's peculiarity showing curves, not straight lines. If you visit Dongdaemun Design Plaza, you can see it as a huge UFO rather than a single building.


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