Amazing Bookstore

What an Amazing bookstore

This is a bookstore called ARC. N. BOOK in Seoul. With the age of ordering books on the Internet and mobile, many bookstores in the city closed. However, many people still visit bookstores that are unique and well-decorated. This is the place where ARC. N. BOOK Bookstore is.

When we visit this bookstore, the place that many people are most interested in is a small cave decorated with books. Instead of putting the book in a bookcase, it was put in a decorated place like a cave. You might be worried that these books might collapse and fall, but there seems to be no safety problem and only more interesting. If you go to this bookstore, you may want to walk in the cave made of this book.

Bookstores should also change with the times

Now, offline bookstores should be places where cultural content and consumption are created, and it should be a complex cultural space where lifestyle shops are combined to attract many visitors.


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