Digital Media City in Seoul


In Seoul, there are several places where you can see nice buildings. Gangnam is of course very full of state-of-the-art buildings. And there are many state-of-the-art buildings throughout downtown Seoul. By the way, you have to go to Sangam-dong to see the latest buildings in Seoul in a very special way.

Sangamdong, Digital Media City

Sangam-dong Digital Media City was built very recently in Seoul. Sangam-dong was originally a place to dispose of garbage in Seoul. In summer, it was a place that people avoided due to the smell of garbage and heavy traffic, but it has emerged as a very new neighborhood through redevelopment. The buildings are new, and the streets are very pleasant. So this area renamed the Digital Media City. If you visit Sangam-dong Digital Media City, you will see new buildings everywhere.

Digital Media City (DMC)  in Seoul is a high-tech complex centered on Digital Media Street for IT, movies, broadcasting, games, music and related advanced industries.

It attracted well-known IT companies, many media companies, as well as various kinds of public exhibition facilities.

The following building is one of the buildings in DMC, Sangam-dong.


The world is changing, so are architectures

Recent buildings seem to change our common sense a lot. Traditionally, buildings were seen as good to maintain a square shape, but now many oval buildings are also visible. Perhaps it is a time when the common sense that buildings that we have believed in so far should be quadrilateral type is changing. 

I think that architecture reflects the ideas and people's perceptions of the era that we living. Now architecture is changing in a wide variety. Just as the philosophy and perception of people in the world is changing, so are architectures.

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