Magical Winter Fantasy in Seoul Night

Christmas is just around the corner.

The year-end atmosphere is not the same as before, but it is time to end the year. At this time, I would like to introduce you to a wonderful winter night dating place with an end-of-year Christmas atmosphere in Seoul. If you are curious about a good place to date in Seoul on a winter night, you can go to Myeongdong tonight.

Magical Winter Fantasy in Seoul NIght

Watch "Media Facade" at the main building of Shinsegae Department Store in the evening. "Media Facade" is a compound word of facade and media, which refers to the center of the exterior wall of a building, and it means that LED lights are installed on the exterior wall of a building to show the function of media to the public.

Seoul Nigjt - Magical Winter Fantasy

Media Facade of Shinsegae Department Store

If you're preparing for a proof shot ahead of Christmas, please take a picture while watching a great media show in front of Shinsegae Department Store's headquarters.

Year-end Proof Shot Hot Place, Shinsegae Department Store Headquarters

Shinsegae Department Store always put on a great themed media facade show at the end of the year. From some time until the end of the year, Shinsegae Department Store has emerged as a "sanctuary for proof shots" of the Christmas season. And foreigners also visit the site every year at the end of December as a must-see tourist destination.

Shinsegae Department Store's headquarters will have a great promotional effect due to the lighting of the media façade, and the people passing by will also relieve their feelings of being depressed by the colorful and exciting lighting.

The Christmas decorations in front of Shinsegae Department Store are also grand and colorful. If you have time to see the media facade lighting, you'd better head to Shinsegae Department Store to see more Christmas decorations.

Shinsegae Department Store introduced Media Facade from Dec. 9, and the event will last until Jan. 31 next year. If you haven't seen it because you're busy at the end of the year, please check it out in the evening of the New Year. Shinsegae Department Store's Media Facada grows in size every year, and it's amazing that it used 3.75 million LED chips this time.

The exterior walls of Shinsegae Department Store were all decorated with LED walls, making the whole building a huge screen. So people can be more immersed in the live screen even from a distance.

Seoul Nigjt - Magical Winter Fantasy

Amazing Media Facade, SHINSEGAE THEATER: from legacy to fantasy

The video that looks like the outer wall of Shinsegae headquarters is 3 minutes and 18 seconds long, making Christmas look happy.

The video will be repeated from 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., so you don't have to go at 5:30 p.m.

Seoul Nigjt - Magical Winter Fantasy

You can just go when it's dusk in the evening.

This year's video has the theme of "SHINSEGAE THEATER: from legacy to fantasy."

It's just a great Christmas fantasy play.

Shinsegae Department Store Media Facade, Magical Winter Fantasy

When the first video begins, the red curtain is lifted on the walls of the LED decorations and a grand door is opened.

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