Saseongam Hermitage

Saseongam Hermitage is a small temple located in Gurye-gun, Osan, at the foot of Jirisan Mountain, Korea's most sacred mountain. Jirisan Mountain is loved for its winding and woody hills, but Saseongam Hermitage stands out because it is dramatically located on the exposed granite wall.


About Saseongam Hermitage

The hermitage was built by a smoke investigation in 544 during the ancient Korean era.

The missionary is also credited with establishing Hwaseomsa Temple and Yeongoksa Temple nearby. The original name of Saseongam Hermitage was Osanam Hermitage, which was renamed Saseongam Hermitage in honor of the smoke investigation and three other Korean masters who lived and studied there.


Two main pavilions lie against the backdrop of steep granite cliffs, supported by large paint columns. Reconstruction in the 1980s, the main hall sits on three giant red wooden pillars, protecting the Rock-carved Buddha.

Cultural authorities assume that it began in the early Goryeo Dynasty. To reach the two temples, you have to climb the stone steps carved on the surface of the rock.

On the day of the visit, colorful paper lanterns hanging in anticipation of Buddha's birthday broke the solid colors of the mountainside, stairs, and walls.

In addition to the two main buildings, if you follow a short path along the foot of the mountain, you will find a small shrine dedicated to the mountain spirit.

The spiritual shrine of Saseongam contains fine murals featuring traditional motifs.

Just to the left of the temple is a narrow passageway between huge rocks, and the enclosed space named Doseonggul after Doseon protects the triangular shrine area where candles, incense burners, and small statues are placed.


This cave was the site of Wonhyo's meditation, as well as monk Doseon, more than 200 years later.

Another major attraction of Saseongam Hermitage is the scenery. Because of the unstable hillside perch, you can see the Seomjingang River, rice paddies, and Gurye-eup from almost every advantageous point.

To see it yourself, you can always walk two kilometers on narrow, sometimes quite steep and dusty roads, just on paved roads. Alternatively, you can pay a few thousand won to get in a small van that goes up and down a long line of tourists


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