Homigot Sunrise Square

Pohang is a very old city in Korea. If you go there, you can see another wonderful atmosphere of Korea. Especially, the sunrise in Pohang will give you another interest. Homigot Sunrise Square is a must-see place in Pohang, Korea.


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Homigot Sunrise Square

Homigot Sunrise Square is a scenic and popular tourist destination located in Pohang, a coastal city in the Gyeongsangbuk-do province of South Korea. It is known for its stunning sunrise views, unique sculptures, and symbolic significance. Here are some details about Homigot Sunrise Square:

Homigot Sunrise Square is situated at the easternmost point of the Korean peninsula, where the East Sea (Sea of Japan) meets the Korean coast. The square offers unobstructed views of the vast ocean and the horizon, making it an ideal spot to witness breathtaking sunrises.

Meet the special sunrise experience

Homigot Sunrise Square is renowned for its spectacular sunrise views, drawing both locals and tourists. The sunrises at this location are particularly captivating due to the wide expanse of the sea and the position of the square. Visitors gather early in the morning to witness the golden hues as the sun emerges from the horizon, creating a mesmerizing sight.


Hand of Harmony Sculpture

One of the prominent features of Homigot Sunrise Square is the "Hand of Harmony" sculpture. This iconic bronze sculpture depicts a hand rising from the ground, with the index finger pointing towards the sky. It symbolizes harmony and unity, representing the desire for peace and friendship between nations and people. The sculpture has become a symbol of Pohang and is a popular spot for photography.

The "Hand of Harmony" sculpture at Homigot Sunrise Square stands as a powerful visual representation of the aspirations for peace and unity. Its symbolic message, combined with its impressive design and scenic location, has made it an iconic and memorable attraction in Pohang.

Thumb of Harmony Sculpture

Adjacent to the Hand of Harmony, there is another sculpture known as the "Thumb of Harmony." This sculpture portrays a thumb rising from the ground, creating a unique and playful contrast to the Hand of Harmony. It complements the concept of harmony and has become a popular spot for visitors to interact with and take creative photographs.

Another fun to meet at Homigot

Homigot Haesuyokjang (Seawater Pool): Homigot Sunrise Square features an outdoor seawater pool known as Homigot Haesuyokjang. The pool utilizes seawater from the East Sea and offers a refreshing place for visitors to cool off during the summer months. It also provides a scenic backdrop for relaxation and enjoyment, with views of the ocean extending to the horizon.

Homigot Sunrise Square hosts various cultural performances and festivals throughout the year, attracting a large number of visitors. These events showcase traditional music, dance, and performances, providing a glimpse into Korean culture and adding vibrancy to the atmosphere of the square.

Adjacent to the square is Homigot Fishing Village, where you can experience the traditional coastal lifestyle of the region. The village offers opportunities for visitors to engage in fishing experiences, purchase fresh seafood, and explore the local culture.

Homigot Sunrise Square is not only a beautiful location to witness nature's beauty but also an iconic landmark that represents the easternmost point of South Korea. With its picturesque setting, symbolic sculptures, and cultural events, it offers a memorable experience for those seeking natural beauty, artistic expression, and a connection with the sea.


About Hand of Harmony in Homigot

The "Hand of Harmony" sculpture is a significant and visually striking artwork located at Homigot Sunrise Square in Pohang, South Korea. It has become an iconic symbol of the city and a popular attraction for both locals and tourists. Here are more details about the "Hand of Harmony" sculpture:

The "Hand of Harmony" represents the desire for peace, unity, and friendship between nations and people. The sculpture's hand rising from the ground, with the index finger pointing towards the sky, signifies the aspiration for harmony and understanding in a global context. It aims to convey a message of hope and cooperation.

The sculpture is made of bronze and stands at a height of approximately 8.5 meters (28 feet). It is designed to depict a hand emerging from the ground with the palm facing upward. The hand appears to be reaching towards the sky, symbolizing a hopeful and uplifting gesture.


The "Hand of Harmony" is strategically positioned at Homigot Sunrise Square, which is the easternmost point of the Korean peninsula. This placement enhances the sculpture's significance, as it marks the meeting point of the East Sea (Sea of Japan) and the Korean coast. The expansive ocean and horizon in the background provide a stunning backdrop for the sculpture.

Photographic Spot

The striking appearance and symbolic nature of the "Hand of Harmony" make it a popular subject for photography. Visitors often gather around the sculpture to capture unique and creative shots, incorporating the sculpture's hand and the beautiful sunrise or the vast sea in the background. The sculpture's distinctive design and the natural beauty of the surroundings make for captivating images.

Tourist Attraction

The "Hand of Harmony" has become an iconic landmark and a major tourist attraction in Pohang. Many visitors specifically travel to Homigot Sunrise Square to see and photograph the sculpture. Its symbolic representation of harmony and its picturesque location make it a memorable and meaningful stop for those exploring the area.

Cultural Significance

The "Hand of Harmony" not only serves as an artistic installation but also contributes to the cultural identity of Pohang. The sculpture has become a recognizable symbol associated with the city, representing its values of peace, unity, and goodwill. It serves as a reminder of the importance of fostering understanding and cooperation among nations and individuals.

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